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The Team

The Team

Stainless's team

Stainless is comprised of a group of experienced and talented individuals who together form a superior team that can provide analysis, design, and fabrication services. The result is tower designs that perform as expected, without costly delays in construction. They are certified in many states for all that is needed to fulfill your tower needs.

Stainless offers an unmatched team committed to the industry and passionate about their ability to help their customers.

Meet the Team

Don Doty

Chief Executive Officer

Don Doty

Mr. Doty, co-founder of Doty Moore Tower Services LLC, is a pioneer in the broadcast tower industry. Elected Chairman of the National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) in 2006, and on the board of Directors for the past 13 years.

In addition to positions as Chairman and Vice Chairman, Mr. Doty has also served as Chairman of the OSHA Relations Committee for 11 years, from which he stepped down to Committee member status to better serve the duties of NATE Chairman. Mr. Doty maintains positions on the Legislative Committee and the NATE/OSHA Partnership Management Team.

Mr. Doty is an active contributor to publications in the tower industry. His extensive writing credentials include contributing articles for the acclaimed Tower Times for the past 13 years, recently surpassing 160 articles in various capacities. Plus Mr. Doty has had numerous speaking engagements for National Safety Council (NSC), National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), the IEEE, several SBE affiliates and many individual groups. In 2006 Mr. Doty was selected by Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA) as a Consultant during the Negotiated Rulemaking efforts regarding tower safety regulations.

A recognized expert in safety, Mr. Doty is a regular speaker and advocate on various topics in the tower industry, from safety engineering to OSHA compliance issues, frequently visiting Washington, DC promoting safety initiatives

Don Doty working

Pat Moore

Senior Vice President of Technical Services

Pat Moore

Mr. Moore, co-founder of Doty Moore Tower Services LLC and leader in the broadcast tower industry. Mr. Moore was a charter member of NATE. He continues to work closely with various government agencies and industry associations to further the safety and knowledge of the industry. In his 25 years in the broadcast industry Mr. Moore has improved the safety and awareness in the industry while successfully completing the most difficult projects in the most treacherous conditions.

Pat Moore working

Ed Deetscreek

Vice President of Operations

Ed Deetscreek

Ed joined Stainless LLC in February of 2008 and is presently the Vice President of Operations. In his present role, Ed supports all facets of the company operations. Ed has a diversified management history within various manufacturing arenas. Over the past twenty years, he has honorably served in the telecommunications, mechanical/hydraulic component industry, scrap/metal recycling and movable bridge machinery industries. Ed has a multifaceted past of providing executive leadership in the areas of operations, engineering, sales, manufacturing and management.

Before joining Stainless, Ed supported Sales and directed engineering as Engineering Manager for a distributor and manufacturer of mechanical and hydraulic components for an American company with close ties to manufacturers in Italy and other European countries. Prior to this role, Ed was the Operations Manager for a scrap metal and recycling company with a large exporting component. Previous to this operational role, Ed was a mechanical engineer and technical guru specializing in movable bridge drive inspections and analysis of bridge opening machinery

Ed has a BS in Mechanical Engineering (B.S.M.E.) from Temple University, Philadelphia PA

Ed Deetscreek working

Gregg Fehrman

Vice President of Engineering and Chief Engineer

Gregg Fehrman

Gregg is responsible for the management of all aspects of engineering, detailing and procurement within Stainless, focusing on providing the safest and most economical communication tower solutions customized to meet each client’s specific needs. In concert with the design facets contained in the engineering and detailing departments, Gregg also holds the position of Quality Assurance Manager, responsible for safeguarding the high level of product quality afforded to all Stainless customers both past, present and future..

Gregg has 18 years of experience in structural engineering, specifically in the design and fabrication of telecommunications structures. He holds a BS of Structural Engineering from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA.

Gregg is a licensed professional engineer in 29 states, including Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico and is an active member of the TIA, AISC, ASCE, AISC, ACI and NCEES.

Gregg Fehrman working

Charlie Leinbach

Plant Manager, Shop Foreman, QC Inspector

Charlie Leinbach

Charlie began working on the shop floor with Stainless in 1962 and in 1985 he took over the reins as shop foreman and plant manager with responsibility for all functions of Stainless’ fabrication facility. This includes the production and quality of all products, shipping and receiving, inventory management, production scheduling, training and facility maintenance. Charlie oversees day to day operations during each phase of project fabrication and coordinates all shop activity. His primary mission is to ensure all products are fabricated safely, to the highest quality and with great efficiency. He is designated as the plant safety officer and thus oversees the safe operation of the shop and instructs workers on safety procedures. Charlie has the ultimate responsibility for product quality and performs routine inspections of fabricated products to ensure they are produced in accordance with specifications and stringent AISC requirements. Charlie is also a certified AWS welder.

Charlie Leinbach working



Engineering Department

Stainless has always rested upon a solid foundation of engineering expertise. Our present team exemplifies and expounds upon this tremendous history. Our engineers possess a knowledge base from both mechanical and structural arenas with degrees ranging from Bachelors of Science to Doctorates from National and International Universities.

Our team has been handpicked to provide a broad array of capabilities allowing for fluid design processes and exchange of safe, economical solutions to all our customers.

Whether you require an analysis of an existing broadcast structure, modification design or new tower construction, we are pleased to accept and answer any of your technical questions.



Drafting working

With more than 80 years of tower knowledge, you will not find a more experienced drafting department in the industry. The staff works closely with Stainless’ engineers, fabricators and field crews to produce a quality product that meets industry standards, can be fabricated in a timely manner and is easy to erect.