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"Stainless continues as a leader in tall tower market with design and Fabrication"

Don Doty interviewed by Broadcasters Show Daily

Transcript of Don Doty's Interview

BSD: What is important at this year's NAB?

DD: Televisions' transition to digital is less than a year away, and we are already very busy accommodating broadcasters who still have work to do on their towers and antennas before February 2009.

BSD: Once all broadcasters have a digital antenna solution, will work schedules return to normal for erectors?

DD: That's a very good question. Following the analog sunset, many broadcasters will need to remove their analog or temporary antennas and relocate their digital antenna. We've found that many don't realize that a tower analysis is required when removing equipment. To avoid delays in removing equipment, it is important to get the tower analysis scheduled well in advance of the work.

BSD: Does taking equipment off a tower require a new analysis?

DD: For tall towers, it is about balancing the wind's effects and with less equipment, the guy wires and structure behave differently. Additionally, many insurance companies require a tower analysis for the current loading of the tower. We have an excellent tutorial about removing equipment and its effects on the tower created by our Chief Engineer Tom Hoenninger. It is free to anyone and can be found on our Web site,

BSD: How can Stainless claim to be the tall tower leader?

DD: Over 7,500 towers built in over 100 countries in the past 60 years, give Stainless the largest quantity and most experience in tower design, fabrication and erection. Over half of all tall towers in the United States are Stainless. Stainless has built more tall towers than all the other tower manufacturers combined.

BSD: How has Stainless stayed a leader in the tall tower market?

DD: All of our tower design and analysis software is maintained internally. Our designs are unique, state of the art and capable of analyzing every tower Stainless has ever built and all of those towers whose manufacturers are no longer in business. We have more dedicated engineers working on tall towers than any other engineering company.

BSD: What makes Stainless unique among tower manufacturers?

DD: Our advanced software and detailed processes have allowed Stainless to go paperless from design to fabrication. No wasted steps, no chance for errors or mistakes by old duplicating processes. Stainless combines three disciplines that are typically separate activities. Design, detailing and fabrication with one seamless set of documents. This saves time, money and allows us to maintain the highest quality standards including AISC and AWS Certification. Stainless has been AISC Certified for many years.

BSD: How long has Stainless been participating at NAB?

DD: Stainless has a long tradition of making the NAB Conference and Convention the center point of meeting our customers face-to-face, and 2008 makes this our 31st year.

Don Doty
—Don Doty, CEO of Stainless LLC

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