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  • Stainless LLC's Don Doty and NATE Meet Up with OSHA

    26 September, 2012

    On September 20, the NATE Legislative and Regulatory “travel squad” met at the Department of Labor with top OSHA officials to discuss the Association’s ongoing efforts to secure a modest modification to the existing riding the line policy directive. At present, the directive permits tower workers to ride the line for tower construction activities, but not for tower maintenance or modification.

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  • WEAU 13 / Gray Television Airs "The Tall Tower" Documentary

    19 April, 2012

    WEAU 13 News created a documentary detailing the replacement of their 2000 ft tower. It details the tower's site history, the collapse of the old tower and the process of replacing it with a new one. It features interviews with key Stainless and Doty Moore employees such as Don Doty, Pat Moore and Gregg Fehrman.

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    4 January, 2012

    At 12:30pm CT on Wednesday, January 4th WEAU 13 NEWS began broadcasting from its new 2,000ft tower in Fairchild, WI. WEAU is transmitting a stronger UHF signal from the new tower. Over-the-air viewers will need to point a UHF antenna towards Fairchild (between August and Neillsville) and rescan channels on their converter boxes and/or digital televisions. Satellite and cable subscribers will be unaffected by the change. WEAU will no longer broadcast a VHF signal.

    WEAU will cease simulcasting on 18.3 (WQOW/Eau Claire) and 25.2 (WLAX/La Crosse) on January 12th at 1:30pm.

    The new tower is at the same location and height as the former tower that fell due to an ice storm on March 22nd, 2011. The original tower was completed in the spring of 1966 and was Wisconsin’s tallest structure until it fell. The new tower is now the tallest structure in Wisconsin.

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  • WEAU-TV completes assembly of new 2000-foot tower

    15 December, 2011

    WEAU-TV, the Gray Television-owned NBC affiliate in Eau Claire, WI, achieved a major milestone this week in its quest to resume transmission from its permanent transmit site in Fairchild, when engineers hoisted the station’s new circularly polarized antenna to the top of its new 1998-foot tower.

    Mounting the antenna completes the tower assembly phase of the project, which began after WEAU’s previous 2000-foot tower collapsed March 22 during a spring ice and snow storm. “It is a heck of feat to get back to this stage before the end of the year” said Jim Ocon, VP of technology for Gray Television.

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  • Walker Sisson of the radio station WZUU Thanks Stainless

    22 November, 2011

    On November 22, 2011, Walker Sisson of the radio station WZUU wrote a letter thanking Stainless for their efforts in allowing the smooth addition to a tower in Michigan. He also sent a photo print (click on link below) showing the installation of Stainless's efforts on Job T-054300. He pointed out in the letter to notice on the photo the smooth fit-up of the pieces to the original Fort Worth tower top as well as the new pieces to each other.

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    To view the photo print click here.

  • New transmission tower soars nearly 1,000 feet

    24 October, 2011

    FAIRCHILD (WEAU) - Progress on our new transmitter tower continues in Fairchild where steel now soars nearly 1,000 feet. Monday, crews continued unloading, adjusting, and stacking at the work site.

    "We expect yet today to be at 900 and some feet which would bring us to the 4th guy level," WEAU Chief Engineer Ron Wiedemeier said.

    This week steel will reach the halfway point, despite some weather issues.

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  • Stainless Helps Sponsor Manufacturers' Reception at IEEE BTS Symposium

    19 October, 2011

    IEEE 2011 Symposium

    The annual IEEE Broadcast Symposium is one of the world’s preeminent technical conferences on broadcasting technology. In its 61st year, the Broadcast Symposium this year will offer attendees an exciting, timely, and informative three-day program with tutorials on “Connected TV” and HD Radio in-band/on-channel digital radio technology, followed by technical sessions on Radio Engineering and RF Infrastructure, Network Distribution, Mobile DTV, DTV Implementation, and the Future of DTV. Broadcast engineering experts from around the world will be presenting at the Symposium.

    The exceptional technical program, combined with the opportunity to meet with other broadcast engineers from around the U.S. and around the world, make the 61st annual IEEE Broadcast Symposium a must-attend event.

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  • Stainless LLC is awarded contract for 2000 ft. tower

    11 October, 2011

    In June of 2011, Gray Television, Inc. has awarded Stainless LLC the contract to replace its WEAU tower in Fairchild, WI, just outside of Eau Claire. The new tower is being erected by Doty Moore Tower Services LLC and will have an overall height of 1998 ft. with a 10 ft. face. At the time of this update (10/11/11) the new tower has already been erected to the 1st guy level and progress continues.

    To follow real time erection of the tower and join in on the excitement click here ...

  • Duane MacEntee Will Be A Panelist for NAB's 2011 Radio Show

    16 September, 2011

    On Friday, 16 September, during this year’s NAB Radio Show, Stainless President and COO, Duane MacEntee, participated as a panelist for one of the conference sessions titled “Tower Day – Management, Maintenance and Safety” which covered tower construction, maintenance, safety and management.

    Click here to be taken to the Radio Show's website concerning this event.

  • Stainless LLC reveals their 160 ft self supporting tower that can be erected in 90 minutes without the use of a crane.

    5 October, 2010

    Crane costs have skyrocketed and the new crane rules are proving to be very expensive to follow. So how do you lower installation costs without additional risk? ... Read More

  • Both Stainless LLC and Doty Moore Tower Services LLC are now approved members of the NATE Star Initiative.

    3 July, 2011

    NATE STAR Initiative members have an opportunity to demonstrate their dedication to the highest levels of tower safety. Partnering members must agree to the following requirements: ... Read More

  • Wade Lawyer featured in Above Ground Level Magazine

    20 Febuary, 2011

    Wade Lawyer is featured in February's Above Ground Level Magazine discussing the downturn of the tower industry. (Click here for the article through Stainless Website. Click here for the Above Ground Level Magazine Website)

  • Don Doty is recorded by RCR Wireless News at the NATE 2011

    20 July, 2011

    Don Doty is recorded by RCR Wireless News at the NATE 2011 convention discussing FCC proposals for spectrum issues in the broadcasting sector. (Click here to view the interview on YouTube).

  • Don Doty presented "New Consensus Standards for Construction Rigging and Protocol" at the 2009 NAB Show

    20 March, 2009

    Two nationally recognized organizations, The National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) and The Telecommunications Industry Association, part of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), have collaborated on tower construction and rigging protocol and procedures standard which ...Read More

  • Construction begins for the Stainless 1050' WPLG Tower in Miami

    12 March, 2009

    Construction begins, March 12, 2009 for the Stainless 1050' WPLG Tower in Miami, Florida! Real-time video is provided for viewing 24-7 for all clients. (Click here for details)

  • Don Doty was published in the August 2008 issue of Buildings Magazine

    20 August, 2008

    "Rooftop Antenna Construction Requires Qualified Contractors" by Don Doty was published in the August 2008 issue of Buildings Magazine (Click here for the article on Buildings Magazine Website)

  • Don Doty interviewed by Broadcasters Show Daily

    20 April, 2008

    "Stainless continues as a leader in tall tower market with design and Fabrication" --- Don Doty interviewed by Broadcasters Show Daily (Click here for the transcript)