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Stainless LLC and Doty Moore Tower Services LLC Create a 160 ft Self Supporting Tower That Can Be Erected in 90 minutes ... Without a Crane

By Don Doty

Stainless LLC, 5 October 2010

Crane costs have skyrocketed and the new crane rules are proving to be very expensive to follow. So how do you lower installation costs without additional risk?

In 2010 Stainless began fabrication of a new and innovative tower designed for rapid deployment. Developed initially for small wind-power applications, this unique design has potential to change the way towers are deployed in the field.

This same design can be used for many applications and has many advantages over conventional tower design with minimal impact on fabrication costs.

Wind towers and Cell towers have similar characteristics. Concentrated loads are placed at the top of the tower and then subjected to the worst Mother Nature has to offer. So if the tower looks conventional, it is.

What Stainless brought to the table was our unique ability to assist the engineer in design techniques that streamline fabrication and our extensive experience in installation added to the ease of erection.

How about the antenna systems?

This tower is designed to install the antennas before the tower is erected. That’s right! Install the T-bars, antennas, jumpers all on the ground, where fine adjustments and careful assembly can be monitored.

How about transmission lines?

Yes the transmission lines too. Simply follow procedures for locating the transmission lines and they can also be installed.

What about maintenance work in the future?

Simply reverse the process and lower the entire tower without the use of a crane. Service the antennas system and re-erect. It’s that simple.

So let’s recap; unique design, fabrication by the oldest and most experienced tower fabricator and erection without the use of crane. What’s not to like!

Stainless LLC has been in the tower business since 1947. Over 7500 towers have been built and delivered and erected in over 100 countries, worldwide. Located in the heart of the steel industry, Pennsylvania is closest to the steel mills, minutes from the finest galvanizing facilities in the world and conveniently located for rapid delivery.

When you have a challenging tower to build, there is no company more qualified than Stainless.

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