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"WEAU Is Back At 2,000 FT"

WEAU is back
—WEAU is back on air

-(WEAU-TV/Eau Claire)-

At 12:30pm CT on Wednesday, January 4th WEAU 13 NEWS began broadcasting from its new 2,000ft tower in Fairchild, WI. WEAU is transmitting a stronger UHF signal from the new tower. Over-the-air viewers will need to point a UHF antenna towards Fairchild (between August and Neillsville) and rescan channels on their converter boxes and/or digital televisions. Satellite and cable subscribers will be unaffected by the change. WEAU will no longer broadcast a VHF signal.

WEAU will cease simulcasting on 18.3 (WQOW/Eau Claire) and 25.2 (WLAX/La Crosse) on January 12th at 1:30pm.

The new tower is at the same location and height as the former tower that fell due to an ice storm on March 22nd, 2011. The original tower was completed in the spring of 1966 and was Wisconsin’s tallest structure until it fell. The new tower is now the tallest structure in Wisconsin.

WEAU Tower Construction Begins

Construction on the new tower began in July of 2011 and erection in Fairchild on October 7th, 2011. The new tower was custom designed and fabricated by Stainless, LLC in Pennsylvania. The impressive structure weights over 1-million pounds and stands on one point at the base. The new tower was built completely out of galvanized steel including 8” steel legs. The new tower has 24 guy lines and meets or exceeds current requirements.

Construction will continue as weather permits but will not affect WEAU broadcast. Items left to complete; installing WAXX 104.5 antenna, News gathering technology, and painting. The tower will be painted white and orange stripes in the spring.


  STEP 1     Perform a channel scan channels (look under Menu options)
  STEP 2     Check for 13.1
  STEP 3     Rotate antenna slightly (20deg)
  STEP 4     Perform a channel scan
  STEP 5     Check for 13.1
    - REPEAT 3, 4 AND 5 as needed
*It’s possible viewers may lose other stations while searching for 13.


  - Contact a local antenna installer/store
  - Go to to learn more about antennas and direction (updated for new WEAU UHF signal)

The new installation includes a Harris PowerCD 3-tube UHF transmitter and an ERI circularized-polarized antenna. The transmitter building was remodeled by Royal Construction of Eau Claire.

WEAU 13 NEWS (WEAU TV) is the NBC station for the La Crosse/Eau Claire DMA. WEAU was formed in 1939 and began broadcasting television in 1953. WEAU is part of the Gray Television, Inc. Gray Television, Inc. is a television broadcast company headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Gray currently operates 36 television stations serving 30 markets. We broadcast a primary channel from each of our stations and also operate at least one digital second channel from the majority of our stations. Each of our primary channels are affiliated with either CBS (17 channels), NBC (10 channels), ABC (8 channels) or FOX (1 channel). In addition, we currently operate 40 digital second channels that are affiliated with either ABC (1 channel), FOX (4 channels), CW (8 channels), MyNetworkTV (18 channels), Universal Sports Network (1 channels) and The Country Network (1 channel) or are operated as local news/weather channels (7 channels).

WEAU Tower
—WEAU's Tower


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General Manager/VP
Phone: (715) 835-1313

Ron Wiedemeier
Chief Engineer
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Promotions Manager
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