Stainless LLC

Stainless LLC

New Construction on Stainless 1050' WPLG Tower Miami, Florida

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Stainless 1050' WPLG Tower
—Stainless 1050' WPLG Tower

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This G-12 tower includes thirty foot long sections with the heaviest section weighing 26,500 pounds. At the top, a candelabra with a 50 foot separation between antennas.

The tower consists of five guy levels, the biggest wire being 2 5/8 inches and being 106, 000 pounds when pulled to final tension. The tower foundation is 50'-6" below grade.

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Further information

Tower Engineered and Fabricated by:
Stainless LLC
Phone (215) 631-1400

Tower Erector:
Tower King II

Webcam provided by:
Hark Systems and Wireless Estimator