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Video Footage

Having been around for quite awhile, Stainless and Doty Moore have seen and experienced many interesting things related to towers. Some of them have been recorded on film and digitized so they can be shared to you. Please feel free to click on any of the links below to view the video.

WEAU "The Tall Tower" Documentary

WEAU 13 News created a documentary detailing the replacement of their 2000 ft tower. It details the tower's site history, the collapse of the old tower and the process of replacing it with a new one. It features interviews with key Stainless and Doty Moore employees such as Don Doty, Pat Moore and Gregg Fehrman.

Pat Moore's RF Talk at NATE '99 RF Panel Discussion

In Febuary 1999, NATE hosted a RF panel discussion for understanding the background behind exposure to radio frequency waves, with information on OSHA compliance, FCC MPE rules, general safety awareness, background references and additional information. Pat Moore happened to be on the panel and gave a presentation on Doty Moore's experience with RF issues on the Sutro tower and a Dallas tower.

Tower Construction On Mt. Wilson California

Channel 10 News did a feature on Brad Wright and his crew placing a new antenna on top of 973 ft tower in Mt Wilson.

Galloping Guy Wires at KWTV-Ch9-Oklahoma City, OK

On snowy January day in 1996, KWTV in Oklahoma City reported trouble with the guy wires on their non-Stainless tower. The guy wires were wobbling back and forth in the wintery wind. Footage of the guys swinging back and forth was recorded by Don Doty on the ground and in the air.

KDAF-TV-Ch33 Antenna Change Out

KDAF-TV in Dallas, Texas brought in Doty Moore to change out an antenna on top of their tower. Video was shot of the change out and music from Top Gun was placed in the background.

Doty Moore Video Ad

In the mid 90's, Doty Moore put together a video showcasing their work in the field and bulleting their expertise and previous jobs. It also features video footage of a young Don Doty and Pat Moore.