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WEAU 2,000 ft Tower Documentary

"The Tall Tower"
—"The Tall Tower"

"The Tall Tower"

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WEAU began using the Fairchild tower on June 11th, 1966. It was the third television tower erected. The first TV tower was self supporting, standing at 500 feet high.

WEAU was known as the ‘Big Cheese’ when the first tower was built, which was 1,000 feet high. After the Fairchild Tower was constructed, the area was then known as ‘Tall Tower Territory’, as the new tower was a staggering 2,000 feet.

The WEAU broadcast tower stood as the tallest man made structure east of the Mississippi for 45 years. On March 22nd, it collapsed. While it’s still unclear exactly what caused the tower to fail, the weather that day was windy and icy, which could have caused collapse.

WEAU and Gray Television responded quickly and with the help of Stainless, LLC, Wisconsin’s Tallest Structure was replaced in a record 9-months allowing WEAU to begin broadcasting from it's new 2,000 foot tower on December 24, 2011, .

WEAU 13 News created a documentary detailing the replacement of their 2000 ft tower. It details the tower site's history, the collapse of the old tower and the process of replacing it with a new one. It features interviews with key Stainless and Doty Moore employees such as Don Doty, Pat Moore and Gregg Fehrman.

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