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Erection Of Towers

Erection of Towers Slide Show

Back in the 80's, the International Association Of Bridge, Structural and Ornamental Iron Workers under the leadership of General President John H. Lyons, General Secretary Juel D. Drake and General Treasurer John T. Taylor presented a series of slides on the erection of towers. This 4 part slide show presentation with audio, tells the story of how a collapsed tower was replaced with a new 1654 ft guyed tower.

Erection Of Towers Part 1

Part 1 gives a brief description of the tower, photos of the collapse of the previous tower, transportation of material to around the job site, tower parts inventory, and assembly of tower sections on the ground.

Erection Of Towers Part 2

Part 2 showcases the assembly and erection of the tower base, rigging of temporary guys and mounting of the gin pole to the tower.

Erection Of Towers Part 3

Part 3 shows the lifting of tower sections by the gin pole and attaching them into place on the tower. It also shows the attaching the guy wires to the guy pull off lugs welded on the tower section and to the guy piers on the ground.

Erection Of Towers Part 4

Part 4 presents the assembly of antennas on the ground, mounting them to the tower, connecting their coax cables and running them down the tower to the transmitter building, and setting up the tower elevator.